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Learning is about pursuing what excites you. Why limit it? Our selection of topics is always growing and expanding. You should check it out!

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Topics range in cost and duration, as well as how intense they are, what age range they are for, etc. There's a fit for anyone and everyone.


Mentors, tutors, teachers, guides, coaches, professionals - whatever you want to call them, they are here because they're passionate about teaching.


Scheduling takes a few clicks, then you're done! Why waste time trying to make things happen when you can focus on the important part - learning!


Safety is our top priority. Our platform's security processes and content monitoring keep a sharp eye on everyone's well being.

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We work with professionals who are passionate about their skills and even more passionate about teaching it. There's no better way to learn.

Geeko Labs was started in Eagle, Idaho in 2017 by a group that had been involved in STEM enrichment and education for many years. While the format has changed over time, the mission is the same. 

We still operate the lab we started with for students in Eagle, Idaho – as well as an incredible repository of online learning potential that we’ve created by partnering with professionals and educators all over the nation. 

We believe that while videos, tutorials, and coursework is useful, there is nothing that will ever be able to compete with learning directly from a pro. Now the scope of what students can learn has expanded along with the expertise and passion of our many teachers, coaches, and mentors. 

No matter what the topic, we want to provide students with the three most important things. 


Gain confidence in school, projects, and your own abilities with the help of professionals.


Gain the skills you need to unleash your creative potential in anything you choose to do.


Open you mind to all kinds of new learning opportunities, and become a lifelong learner.

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