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ABOUT our stem program

Geeko Labs is a STEM program for kids. We allow students to become Confident, Creative, and Curious through project-based mentoring. Our STEM program focuses on exciting Technology topics. Video game developmentcodeweb development3D modeling, audio and music production, and VR design!

    At Geeko there are no semesters, grades, or exams. As a result, students learn how to problem-solve and persist with the help of their mentors. At our STEM program, students work at their own pace. They progress once they’ve shown mastery of their project. Because of this, students learn at just the right individual pace.

    Geeko’s STEM program consists of multiple different formats. Labs are 75 minute weekly classes with independent student work.  Camps are guided, multi-day workshops. The new Minicamps are an online, 3-hour version of camps, featuring beginner-level projects. The Online STEM program consists of 1 on 1 coaching with a live mentor for 30 minutes, or in a group for 2 hours.

    At our core we are focused on the progress and success of our students while making learning fun. Whether online or in our tech lab, it’s always a fun, social environment, where students are comfortable being themselves and sharing their creativity and successes with others!



Our students persist through increasingly challenging curriculum to create unique and amazing projects. Self-paced work coupled with guidance from mentors means students progress into the unknown with confidence. 



Broadening horizons and deepening knowledge leads our students to tap into creativity! Geeko students exercise their creative mental muscles by applying their newly learned skills regularly.



Abandoning complacency, our students learn to learn fearlessly. It’s not enough for our students to follow a recipe for success – they take control and ask “What?,” “Why?,” and “How?” 

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