Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We were founded by four brothers, who are also fathers who believe in empowering kids to rise to their potential. What started with a need to find educational opportunities for their own children, these brothers decided to extend their reach to all children. It was the goal of our founders to not only offer quality hands-on learning in the areas of science technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), but to provide an experience through which students will learn how to communicate, how to work independently as well as with others, how to think critically, and how to be creative and innovative in problem solving.

What is STEAM?

STEAM education refers to the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and is well known now throughout the world as an interdisciplinary approach to teaching these subjects. STEAM education gives students real world experience and practical demonstrations of how STEAM areas connect, overlap and blend. STEAM education follows the same principles of interdisciplinary STEM topics, but also incorporates the “A” for the arts – recognizing that art, design, and creativity are deeply intertwined with successful scientific and engineering endeavors.


The rate at which our world is changing leads us to believe many of tomorrow’s jobs have yet to be imagined. We have worked hard to offer an innovative way to help your child develop skills for the future. To be successful in today’s world students need to learn how to think, not just what to think. Our structured hands-on learning model provides opportunities for students to learn to ask questions, to think critically and with purpose. It gives our students the courage to try new things, to learn to succeed with poise and to fail with optimism, and to grow from every experience.

Our Instructors

With combined backgrounds in technology, education, and business, our instructors make each experience at Geeko Labs fun and meaningful!

Heather Allen - Director

With a strong background in teaching and training, Heather thoroughly enjoys working with people of all ages to help them find ways to feel more empowered, more resourceful, and more equipped with the tools and skills necessary to enhance their careers and pursue their dreams. Heather resides in Meridian, ID, where she is the proud mother of four beautiful children, and is married to a wonderful husband. She and her husband, Jordan, are co-founders of the national charity Sleep In Heavenly Peace (SHP), an organization that builds handmade bunk beds for children in need, where she serves as Corporate Trainer and Chief Public Relations Officer.

Grant Hathaway - Head Instructor

Grant has four years of experience teaching and developing STEM curriculum for kids. He is excited about STEM education and has been described as the “biggest kid in lab.” With two sons of his own, changing education for the next generation has become a passion of his. He enjoys video games, individual sports, puns, and trivia.

Nik Morales - Instructor

Nik has been working as an instructor for this after school program since 2016. He has always a deep curiosity and love for computers and technology. Nik is currently working on a bachelor's degree in Information Technology Management and Cyber Security at BSU. In his free time, Nik likes to read, watch way too many hours of Star Wars consecutively, and snowboard.

Connor Wall - Instructor

Connor is currently a senior at Boise State University majoring in Information Technology Management and Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile technology. Born in Boise, Idaho, he has a wide range of experience in peer mentoring, both at the college and K-12 level. Connor finds interest in the blend of technology and creativity. In his free time, he enjoys working on projects in graphic design and music production.

Rachel Storjohann - Instructor

Rachel is a student at BSU majoring in Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Technology (GIMM). She worked as a peer mentor at Boise State University for the GIMM department, helping other students in her major with their projects. Teaching is exciting for Rachel because I love to watch students learn and figure out what they really love to do. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her dogs and make stuff - her current project is knitting socks.

Kyler Liscinski - Instructor

Kyler has been actively involved with after school STEM programs for over 5 years. He is currently attending BSU working on an engineering degree. Kyler volunteers at Lincoln Elementary in a 3rd grade classroom as well as Caldwell School District's IT department. Kyler enjoys working with kids, learning new things, and having fun in the process.

Cole Smith - Instructor

Cole is currently attending Boise State University, majoring in Games, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology(GIMM). His favorite part of the Geeko Program is helping students produce incredible projects and getting to see how great they end up. He has a background in design and is excited to get involved in the fun and creative environment that Geeko has created. In his free time Cole enjoys playing games, learning new things, and making music.

Caitlin Brooks - Instructor

Caitlin recently graduated from Boise CodeWorks Immersive Full-Stack Software Development program and has spent a majority of her career working in technology. Her passion for training and education is what led her to the Geeko team. She enjoys matching the learning style of students and finding unique ways to both celebrate their successes and overcome challenges. To recharge her batteries between projects, she finds joy in spending time with family, watching movies, and taking her dog outside to play.

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  • Our boys (ages 9 and 11) have been going to Geeko Labs since September and absolutely love it! They are so excited each week to see what they can build and create. One boy loves their hands on “toys,” he is always wanting to build the tallest and strongest tower or rollercoaster. Our other son  loves the technology that it can bring into his life, he loves to code his own games and create virtual worlds. I love how wonderful the staff is! They are so caring and always just want the kids to have F.U.N. while learning things that interest them. Our boys also play baseball, basketball, and football, but it is important to us to add STEAM to their weekly schedule. Thank you Geeko Labs!!

    - Kathy H., Eagle, ID

  • “In English at Heritage Middle School, we were discussing sensory details. I was excited to add to the discussion what I learned about senses in lab just last week. Senses are a key element of writing, programming, and designing. I love that what I learn in lab helps me in school!”

    - Brynn A., Meridian, ID

  • Fantastic! We’ve just moved to the area and are so excited to have found Geeko Labs. We homeschool, and having the option of a class mid-afternoon instead of later afternoon is just perfect. The instructors are very engaging with the kids.

    - Mary S., Eagle, ID