Artificial Intelligence: YouTube Redesign

Artificial Intelligence: YouTube Redesign

In this course, students will learn and understand the basics of artificial intelligence systems. They’ll be able to understand algorithms as they relate to the real world. Students will be able to identify the algorithms unique to AI with a complete understating of how they work. We’ll explore challenges in AI ethics within our everyday lives. Students will go through a series of AI challenges and projects that will invoke critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. During this course students will be able learn, understand, and identify  datasets needed to train an AI system for a specific goal. The final project of this course will be to ethically redesign the algorithm of YouTube.

45min $25


Sophia Whitt

Sophia Witt

  • Programming Experience

    Great for students with some programming experience.

  • Real World Application

    Work on a real world AI project.

  • Ethics

    Learn ethical AI.

For Ages


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