An educational tool for rapidly developing desktop and VR experiences, it also is used in the professional world for VR experiences in architecture and education. While it’s easy to pick up and start with, it also has incredible depth to it’s creative potential. It is the perfect introduction to 3D and VR game design for all ages.

  • Pefect for Beginners

    While it can be mastered and used professionally, it still has a very friendly interface and usability that won't be found in any other game design software.

  • VR Capable

    VR is seamlessly integrated into the software, and developers can create for VR or desktop at unprecedented speeds.

  • Upgrades Available

    Premium content is available through Blocksmith's own membership model. It's perfect for giving developers even more useful tools.

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Nikolas Morales

Head Instructor

Cole Smith

Instructor, Mentor

Connor Wall

Instructor, Mentor

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