Google CS First Coding-Advanced

Google CS First Coding-Advanced

Within this topic, students will take multiple 1-hour sessions to complete these activities; these projects require 8-12 hours. This advanced course reviews skills and practices from all courses and incorporates advanced skills into what students have previous learned through Google’s Computer Science (CS) First program, in collaboration with MIT’s coding program Scratch. Additional information below.

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Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller

  • Learn Game Development

    Learn video game basics to create various games like racing, platform, and launching

  • Simulate Sports

    Use computer science and coding to simulate extreme sports, make a commercial, and create commentary for a sporting event

  • Customizable

    With previous skills learned, students can create customized projects to share with friends and family

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Additional Info

Sports: simulate extreme sports, make your own commercial, and create commentary for a sporting event. Activities within this course include:

-Victory Celebration: Learn about CS First and Scratch, then create a victory celebration in Scratch.

-Sports Commentary: Create a dance, cheerleading, karate, or basketball performance competition. Then write the commentary for each of the competitions.

-Net Sports: Create a fun net sport game with a bouncing ball and an athlete.

-Fitness Gadget Commercial: Create a commercial around one of four fitness gadgets: wrist wear, eyewear, headwear, footwear.

-All-Star Passing Drill: Build an all star passing game where you try to aim at a moving receiver.

Batter Up: Build a home run derby style baseball game.

-Extreme Sports: Build an extreme sports game in which a racer navigates an obstacle course for as long as possible.

-Post-Game Interview: Build a project in which you get interviewed about what you programmed and learned in class.

Game Design: learn basic video game coding concepts through different types of games: racing, platform, and launching.

-Gaming story: Learn about CS First and Scratch, then create a gaming story.

Racing game: Create a two-player racing game in which users control movement with the keyboard.

-Maze game: Create a game in which the user guides a sprite through a maze.

Platform game: Create and learn about platform games. Students program a player sprite to move and jump across platforms.

Escape game: Create an escape game in which a player must avoid other sprites that move randomly.

-Launcher game: Create a launcher game using key press events, clones, and variables.

-Quest game: Learn how to use storytelling in video game design while building an RPG style Quest Game.

Cave surfing game: Create a game with a side scrolling background (similar to the popular game Flappy Bird).

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