Google CS First Coding-Beginner

Google CS First Coding-Beginner

Within this topic, students can choose between one 1-hour activity or multiple 1-hour activities. Some projects require 8-12 hours while others don’t. This beginner’s course introduces new students to vocabulary and basic coding skills through Google’s Computer Science (CS) First program, in collaboration with MIT’s coding program Scratch. The program is free to use. Additional information below.

60min $25


Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller

  • Helps With English

    To support English Language Arts, projects in this beginner course also help students practice language and narrative skills. In various activities, students write stories, describe characters and settings, and develop dialogue between characters.

  • Expressive

    Make your coding projects meaningful and personal. While learning coding skills, students will also have a chance to express themselves and to build up their creativity and digital art skills.

  • Musical

    Have fun using musical notes and sounds to create your own music video. Add characters and backdrops to your music to make it your own, then share it with your friends and family!

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Additional Info

-Characterization: use code to describe a character’s actions, thoughts, and words

-Interactive Presentations: create an interactive presentation

-Dialogue: create a conversation between two characters

-Code Your Hero: build a story to celebrate your everyday hero

-Pitch Your Passion:build a project about an idea, activity, item, or cause important to you

-An Unusual Discovery: strangers meet on strange planet and you decide what happens to them

-Animate a Name: bring letters in your name to life with animation, sound, and music

-Create your own Google Logo: bring the Google logo to life with programming and design

-Adventure on the High Seas: animate an ocean wave with code and tell a story at sea

-Storytelling: use code to tell fun and interactive stories

-Music and Sound: play musical notes, create a music video, and build an interactive music display

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