Google CS First Coding-Intermediate

Google CS First Coding-Intermediate

Within this topic, students can choose between one 1-hour activity or multiple 1-hour activities. Some projects require 8-12 hours while others don’t. This intermediate course reviews skills and practices from the beginner course, while introducing students to new vocabulary and more complex coding skills through Google’s Computer Science (CS) First program, in collaboration with MIT’s coding program Scratch. The program is free to use and includes project activities including: 

-Narration: explore first- and third-person point of view

-Figurative Language: explore metaphors, similes, personification, hyperbole, and idioms

-Gumball’s Coding Adventure: tell a story using characters from “The Amazing World of Gumball”

-Friends: tell a story about a friendship and describe a company you would start together

-Fashion and Design: build programs like a fashion walk, a stylist tool, and a pattern maker

-Art: create animations, interactive artwork, photograph filters, and other artwork with code

60min $25


Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller

  • Helps With English

    English Language Arts skills will come in handy with this intermediate course. Projects in this course are more complex than the beginner course but are also more fun and interactive. Students can explore digital art, fashion and design, and even create a story with characters from “The Amazing World of Gumball.”

  • Focused On Creativity

    While reviewing coding skills, students will also have a chance to express themselves and to build up their creativity in digital art and fashion design. Through animations, photograph filters, and storytelling, students can experiment with their ideas in various ways.

  • Grab A Friend

    Coding doesn’t have to be a single-person activity. Grab a friend and create a dialogue about your friendship. Keep the story interesting by mixing up backgrounds and outfits for different places you like to go together.

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