Math Games

Math Games

Looking to bring fun into math? Offering a weekly math game night to test your mathematical skills. Must be willing to think outside of the box. All skill levels of math welcome. We will play games, earn points, and meet new people. Who said math must be boring and dry? We will engage in a variety of tasks: writing original problems, using sports to compute problems, using coins to solve a dilemma, making use of grocery ads, using recipes to practice fractions, riding the math train, and so on and so forth. Let’s get started with some interesting math fun. 

30min $15


Jewel Barber

Jewel Barber

  • Think Outside the Box

    Think Out of the Box: Math is all around us.

  • Meet New People

    Meet New People: Healthy peer competition is a fun way to bond.

  • Test Your Math Skills

    Test Your Math Skills: Novice to advanced. Some math problems can stump anyone.

For Ages


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