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Looking for help to complete math assignments? Look no further. We will work together to answer questions about the topic and to reinforce math skills. Homework can be frustrating and confusing. Tests can be stressful and intimidating. Students benefit from learning experiences through guidance and support. We will focus on the specific topic given by student, create an objective, go through a detailed explanation with guided practice, then have student summarize and practice. Offering tutoring services ranging from General Math to Algebra to Geometry to Pre-Calculus. All grade levels accepted. Will monitor students’ progress, identify areas that need improvement, help with homework problems, and help prepare for upcoming tests and/or quizzes. Let’s get started.

30min $20


Jewel Barber

Jewel Barber

  • Focus on One Topic

    Homework problem causing stress? We will work through it.

  • Guided Practice

    We will work through the problem and offer additional problems for practice.

  • Demonstrate What You Learned

    Now it is time for the student to demonstrate what they have learned.

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