All amped up for ROBOTS!

By: Grant Hathaway, Head Instructor

This is an exciting month in lab because we’re all amped up for ROBOTS! Our focus is on discussing the different subsystems of a robot, and how we can create them in the Lab. Our robotics has been focused on the use of The Brain and Cortex microcontroller and programming environment, which allow students of all experience levels to get hands on with programming their own robots. You can see a sneak peek of what’s in store for the students in the near-future!

There is still a ton of hype about using and building Virtual Reality games using the brand-new Blocksmith software. Students are having a blast building their own scenarios and experiences, and then sharing them within our Geeko network with other students. The new Blocksmith curriculum has acted as a launchpad for several students who have taken it upon themselves to go as far and as fast as they can through these quests to get to the updated video game development path using Unity and Unreal. This is much more code-involved than it was before, which is awesome because we’re getting about neck-deep in troubleshooting compiling errors with their scripts – which means that these students are going to become incredible debuggers.

As always, there is a ton of diversity in the ongoing projects. Everybody is pushing forward to make progress on their experience points and level up. This is the motivation behind the very first Experience Points Marathon! All the points being awarded between March 19 and April 6 will be tallied up per class, and the class with the most points, and the most points per student, will win a mystery prize! All the points awarded for Spring Break camps, and points earned by friends that are brought to lab, will count. We’re looking forward to an awesome surge in light of some friendly competition.

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