Animation 2

Animation Camp 2

Animation Camp 2 provides the opportunity for each student to walk farther into the world of 3D animation. Additionally, in Animation Camp, students animated a bouncing ball, and formatted it to interact with its environment. Furthermore, to help bring it to life they gave it a face, ears, and tail. 

In conclusion, the next step in animation is walking. Therefore, in this 3 day camp, students will learn advanced animation techniques while working with walking characters. 

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  • Prerequisite

    Animation Camp 2 builds on the concepts from Animation Camp. Therefore it is suggested that students complete Animation Camp before joining Animation Camp 2.

  • Advanced Concepts

    This camp covers many advanced concepts. Therefore many of them require trial and error, and patience to learn.

  • Artistic and Technical

    Animation is an art, and is suited for those who want to exercise their creativity.

Dates & Times