Game Development for Kids

Game Development for Kids Camp

Jumpstart your child’s interest in STEM fields by getting them involved in developing their own video game! Nothing gets kids more excited about learning 3D modeling and programming like experiencing their own work firsthand. 

Game Development for Kids is a 3 hour camp that introduces kids to game design and STEM. It’s also Geeko Labs’ only publicly available program for youth under the age of 9.

  • Age Exclusive

    Game Development for Kids is the only camp in the Geeko network for children under the age of 9. It's designed to prepare them for the concepts and learning experienced in lab.

  • Beginner Friendly

    Game Development for Kids is designed from the ground up for young students. This camp also prepares them for more advanced skill sets.

  • Jumpstart

    This is a great way to introduce young children into the world of creative and technical development.

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