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Cartooning and Comics

 I am teaching a course on creating comics.  Each class will address a different aspect of the process.  This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, such subjects as character design, penciling, inking, creating effects, and more.  I want my students to be able to use this to create their own comics and characters.  This course is intended for students high school level or above, though this rule is not strict.  In the past I used a modified version of this curriculum for elementary school children in an after school program.  This course is open to students filled to the brim with stories and characters, and those who are unsure of where to even start, and everyone in between.

60min $50


Jaye Raine

  • Make Your Own Comic

    Learn how to make a comic from scratch. From the initial idea to a finished mini-comic, you'll know how to self-publish your own comics.

  • Become an Educated Artist

    Understand the medium of comics on a conceptual level. Doing so can improve the final product.

  • Directly from a Pro

    Interact with a published illustrator whose work has been featured in two picture books and several comics anthologies.

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