Creative Writing and Script Writing Tutor

Creative Writing and Script Writing Tutor

Do you have an idea or a work of fiction that you’re struggling with? Do you want to write The Great American Novel or the next blockbuster film? Do you feel frustrated and stuck? I’ve been there, so I can help!

A tutoring session with me will get you out of your rut and back on your path to greatness.

I’ve written my own optioned movie script and fantasy novel, so I can bring my experience into our tutoring session! I’ll help you with your budding film, novel outline, short story, YouTube skit, or anything you’ve written. My passion for helping other writers has followed me even as I pursue my own writing career. I was a writing center tutor at my alma mater and spent many hours gaining experience. Additionally, I was a middle school English teacher, so I have both tutoring and teaching experience. I will help you get from blank page to finished product!

I can offer feedback, outline help, plot construction, brainstorming assistance, and much more. Together we can get your bright ideas from your brain to your paper (or computer screen.) I can even help you learn associated programs for writing and film. I have experience working in Final Draft, Scrivener, and Final Cut Express.

If your goal is a riveting story to share with the world, I can help you get there!

30min $40


Jennifer Semmes

  • Experienced Screenplay Writer

    I'm an optioned screenplay writer with experience in story arc and format.

  • Experienced Novelist

    I'm a novelist with a passion for a good story.

  • Tutoring Experience

    I'm an English teacher with lots of tutoring experience.

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