What do I gain from attending?

The goal of Geeko’s program is to give kids the tools they need and the vision to know what to do with them. The nature of STEAM education is interdisciplinary and hands-on, providing an experience where students are able to learn a variety of skills. At Geeko Labs, students will gain the following: Take Home Tangibles:

  • Digital Portfolio
  • Geeko Cloud access and storage
  • Files of completed work and work in progress
  • A journal record of learning
  • 3D printed projects

Soft Skills Developed:

  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Time Management
  • Self Motivation

Areas of Exploration

Through Geeko Labs students will have access to the following:

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Lab Structure

Each lab session starts with a 15-minute lesson based on the topic of the month. These lessons are hands-on and presented in a fun and interesting way, exposing the students to subject areas they may have never considered. After the lesson, students spend the remaining hour working on their individual projects, while the instructors take on a facilitative role. They help guide students through clearly defined curriculum paths toward their STEAM goals. Instructors help students learn to problem solve, ask more questions, and become self-motivated. Lab sessions are year-round and flexible to accommodate busy schedules. Enrollment is always open—students can start at any time.


Camps are scheduled separately from, and in addition to labs. They provide a short-term, concentrated study of a specific STEAM topic. Camps typically span 4 days, with students attending for 3 hours each day. Because camps are scheduled over school breaks and summer vacation, they are a great way spend the free time. Because camps are individual events, enrollment opens when the camp is announced, and is on a first-come first-served basis. Camps are always offered to everyone—you do not have to be a current student to register for a camp.

Weekly Lab Schedule

Lab sessions are an ongoing, year-round program that are billed and scheduled weekly. Students can start up at any time throughout the month/year. To accommodate busy schedules, it is possible for students to drop out for a sporting season or summer trip, and return when their schedule allows. Our lab structure and defined curriculum paths enable this flexibility, and allow students to pick up right where they left off after a short break. Students will benefit most when they are committed to attending on a regular and long-term basis.

Labs are offered at the following times:

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Tuition Cost

Geeko Labs is designed to be family friendly and flexible. Enrollment is always open! You can join any week of any month, and will never be locked into a contract. When enrolled, you commit to come at your scheduled time and day each week until you cancel. Payments are pulled weekly to cover the cost of that week's lab session. Make-up sessions for missed labs are available by appointment.

Weekly Lab Sessions

Starting at 2:30pm


75 minutes of lab time each week at your selected day and time. All NEW students will pay a one-time registration fee of $25 (includes registration, tee shirt, ID Card, and one 3D print).