Introducing our first ever VIRTUAL REALITY camp!

The new Geeko Labs is excited to present our first ever Virtual Reality Camp this December! Students will have a hands-on interactive experience over the course of three days. AND we’re using the stunning Oculus Rift.

You should know … our first camp can only take 10 students. So if you’re a little worried about spots getting filled up, you should probably register now, and read later.



Here’s what students will learn:

  • Learn 3D level design for VR games.
  • Create models, textures, terrain, and more, all while understanding how VR affects those components.
  • Program game mechanics and create storyline using Blocksmith.
  • Experience the roles of programmer, game designer, and technical artists within a single system.
  • Understand concepts like geolocation and stereoscopic vision.

Students will also get to create a VR or AR (augmented reality) game or experience, using one of our newly-purchased high-powered desktop computers.

At the end of the camp, students will take home their impressive VR-enabled games, project files, and art assets in a portfolio in their Blocksmith account. Note: To continue using the VR segments of their games at home, students will need a VR headset at home.

Virtual reality is NOT just an immersive gaming experience. Technology moves rather rapidly, and there is a very strong case for the business application of Virtual Reality. Industries such as communications, retail, Enterprise Service Providers, engineering, healthcare, education, media and entertainment are looking to leverage this new technology to stay ahead of the game. Interest, investments and funding are not scarce for companies eager to spearhead the VR industry. Funding was reaching $2.8 billion in 2016 and totaling $8.8 billion since 2012. Some predict the virtual reality hardware and software market will reach the $70 billion mark by 2020.

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