Logic in Programming

Logic in Programming

This topic will discuss some of the most necessary building blocks of programming rooted in logic: – Logical operators (and Boolean values) – Conditions – If, else if, else statements – Switch statements – For loops – While and do while loops You will understand how, why, and when to use each, as well as which of these can be interchanged with one another. These fundamental concepts help exercise decision-making in programming to control the flow of execution of a program based on the stated conditions. We’ll examine each of the listed items above using illustrations and some sample code to lead you to success in efficient coding strategies.

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Daniela Socorro

  • Conditionals

    In programming, there are situations where we only want certain things to happen if our conditions are met.

  • Thinking Logically

    Logical operators help combine or compliment multiple conditions, while their Boolean values help determine whether the conditions are satisfied.

  • Reiterating Code

    Loops continually check whether a condition is satisfied to repeat instructions while the condition evaluates to true.

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