Lower Tuition–our favorite improvement yet!

Lower Tuition Rates

Effective now!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to make every experience at Geeko Labs the very best possible. It is our goal to provide an educational experience that truly enriches the lives of our students. Equipment has been upgraded, curriculum revamped, the lab reorganized, more lab sessions have been added, all for you–the families in our community. Thank you for your support and your patience through the changes. Here is the best part: coupled with all our upgrades and improvements, we have found ways to operate more efficiently and can now pay it back to you. As of this month, March 2018, we are reducing ALL tuition to $20/lab session! Whoop! This is a permanent change with significant savings we hope you will enjoy!

What does a lab session entail? Each session is 75 minutes of hands-on learning in the areas of STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. With flexible guidance from facilitators, kids ages 9-17 can explore robotics, drones, video production, 3D printing, computer programming, virtual reality, electronics, and 2D and 3D design. Ready to begin your experience? Click here to register now.

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