Revit Architecture Modeling – Beginner

Revit Architecture Modeling - Beginner

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that provides professionals of the built environment.  Many learning opportunities include better project coordination and collaboration, efficient workflows, and 3D visualizations, which result in more efficient architecture drawings and transfer concepts into more realistic and accurate visualization. Participants will use Revit software and explore the capabilities of BIM modeling by completing several in-class exercises with the instructor and on their own apply the knowledge and skill they obtain toward take home assignments. The course will be offered twice a week for one full hour covering various basic tools of Revit software that majority of users need previous experience with other 3D modeling programs is not required.

Some of the topics includes but not limited:

• Working with drawing and editing tools.

• Understand and navigate through the Revit ribbon display tools.

• Creating Levels and Grids elements as an initial step for building model.

• Creating 3D building model elements such as walls, curtain walls, doors, windows, floors, etc.

•Creating component such as ramps and stairs.

• Creating perspective 3D views in Revit.

• Creating different architecture drawings and place them on final presentation sheets.

• Creating or modifying family components such as windows, casework, furniture, curtain walls, etc.

60min $20


Jasmeen Ezat Agha

  • Great for Beginners

    Once the basic tools of Revit is grasped. It is easy to learn other features and plug in for Revit.

  • Professional Tool

    Widely used by Architects, Engineers and other Building Construction Professionals to visually demonstrate buildings as a whole.

  • Step ahead of the curve:

    preparing student for college and allow them to consider building construction industry as a career.

For Ages


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Jasmeen Ezat Agha