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What We Do

We know that there are a lot of options for people who want to bring their talents and expertise to the world of online learning. Chances are you may even be currently using one of those many options already, and are investigating other potential sources of income doing what you do best. Well that’s exactly what we are here for. 

We operate on the philosophy that directly interacting with a mentor, coach, or teacher is ALWAYS going to be better than videos, quizzes, tutorials, or anything else that students can find online. The entirety of the world’s knowledge exists on the internet, and then some, but it doesn’t mean that anyone can just become an expert by Google-ing video tutorials. We utilize face-to-face interaction through live online appointments to give our students the best possible learning experience they can get. 

We treat our interaction with teachers the same way. Getting started and support happens with a real person. Strategizing happens with a real person. Questions get answers from real people. 

We work with experts that have a passion for what they do – because the best way to get students excited about learning is by connecting them with someone who is excited about it, too. In order to get the best instructors, we give them the ultimate flexibility of any online teaching program. Our instructors choose when they work, what they teach, how they teach it, and how much money they make. 

We built this to be the best and most flexible platform for live online teaching.

What is there to geek out about?


We don't set the costs for anything. Every instructor chooses how much their time is worth by setting their own prices. Instructors all earn 90% of the cost of their appointments, and 80% of group appointments. We haven't found a program that beats that.


Don't get left hanging. We strategize with and support our instructors so that they find the most success they can for their schedule. We work to make sure instructors are comfortable, effective, and ultimately able to meet all their needs using Geeko's platform.


You choose your own availability, appointment duration, and more. Everything is based on optimizing what your schedule already looks like. So whether you're available 40 hours or 2 hours, you'll never have to worry about managing calendars or awkwardly rescheduling.

Take Charge

Be your own boss and do things your way. We're just here to make it work!​ Aside from obviously necessary things, we don't dictate how you run your business. Your passion and your expertise are used at your discretion. We say you should err on the side of creativity.


Instructors get a personal page that they can use as their own website, and pages for any topics they want to teach. They also choose when they are available to teach. Students then pay to schedule a time for a topic, and instructors get a notification of the new appointment. Then all they have to do is conduct the appointment at the scheduled time. 

Just about anything. We think that learning is more exciting when the instructor is passionate and excited about the topic. We’ve also set up this platform to allow instructors to be able to experiment with different topics and offerings. The only time we would ever pump the brakes is if something falls under dangerous or offensive subject matter. 

No. The platform is intended to be a zero-risk solution for those who want to teach online, so no expenses for advertising are required. We also market heavily for the online program as a whole. That being said, we strongly encourage instructors to find students in their personal networks to start with so that they can get a few awesome reviews from people they know right off the bat. This makes advertising easier and more effective for us, and leads to building a student base faster. 

There are no requirements for how much an instructor works. The system is based on providing available times to which a student can schedule. Instructors are not required to be present during all their available hours, they are only required to conduct the appointments that are scheduled with them during those times. Since we can’t guarantee hours, the minimum requirements are that instructors have an availability listed for 2 hours per week.